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Olympus AS-7000 Transcriber

The Olympus AS-7000 Digital Transcriber is packed with Digital Workflow and Speech Recognition options. The AS-7000 Transcription Kit includes a 4 button footswitch and stereo headset to ensure ergonomic working by the transcriptionist. In addition, process efficiency is optimised thanks to the new Olympus Dictation Management System - Transcription Module bundled with this Transcription Kit.

Besides making secure file management easier than ever before, it offers multiple file transfer options to suit individual requirements. The AS-7000 integrates with Email. Save time opening individual emails containing dictation, with the AS-7000, dictation files appear directly into the Transcription Inbox of your software, ready to be typed!

Philips LFH7277 Transcriber

The seamless integration of Philips dictation recording devices and the direct interface to Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional speech recognition software guarantee superb audio quality, high recognition accuracy, and easy hardware administration. The transcription set is a digital document creation solution specifically designed to make transcription easy and intuitive. The ergonomic accessories and the innovative SpeechExec Pro workflow software let you manage your jobs easily.

The Philips LFH7277/05 Transcriber comes supplied with Headset & Foot Control and the latest LFH4500 SpeechExec Pro Software including Speech Recognition Connector License for full integration with Dragon Speech Recognition Software.

Bolt-On Medincle Plus Spell Checker

Maybe you don’t just type, but you also use dictation software. Medincle+ includes our standard Medincle spell checker, as well as a British biomedical plugin for Dragon Dictate and NaturallySpeaking Medincle+ is a great way to boost productivity, improve learning, and enhance document turnaround time. Get the tools you need to succeed in healthcare with this affordable SpeechRecognition Medical Add-On.

The software is a simple internet download which will automatically augment the user's word processor to enlighten it to the world of medical lingo and enable proofing of medical technology. The software is distributed through email and can be purchased as an individual or institution.

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