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Olympus Dictation Management System is supplied with both the Olympus DS-7000 & DS-3500 Mobile Dictation Devices and also the Olympus DR Range. This Software offers the most recent functions and capabilities in Digital Dictation Workflow Management.

Olympus ODMS Software

ODMS, which stands for Olympus Dictation Management System, is a complete dictation and transcription management suite designed to simplify your dictation workflow. It provides extensive features for not only Authors and Transcriptionist but IT Administrators as well, which will allow them to manage and customize their entire user base.

Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) allows users to play, edit and manage their dictations to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

In order to support the various business styles ODMS comes in Standalone Mode and Workgroup Mode.

ODMS Standalone Mode

ODMS Standalone mode is designed to support Small and Medium Workflow Environment. These types of environments typically do not have a requirement for centralized management and deployment. Standalone mode is better suited to smaller network environment where dictations are likely to be stored on a single server/host machine or e-mailed to the transcriptionist.

ODMS Workgroup Mode

ODMS Workgroup mode is designed to support Medium and Large environments. In Workgroup environment software and hardware settings can be centrally managed by the Administrator. Typically this installation mode would serve a large amount of users who transfer files to multiple servers or send files from multiple locations.

ODMS Standalone Mode and Workgroup mode are available in two different modules as well. The Dictation Module and Transcription Module.

The Dictation Module can be used by authors so that dictation files can be easily downloaded and managed. The Standalone Dictation Module can be configured to be completely automated and once the device is connected to the PC files will be downloaded automatically.

The Transcription Module is designed to minimize transcriptionist workload and increase productivity. It allows transcriptionist to configure their transcription setting including playback control, user interface, and foot control functions. It can be configured to automatically open preconfigured templates in word processor and speed up transcription process.

There are two different types of client Software. Software supplied with the Voice Recorder for the Author or Dictator and Software supplied with the Transcriber for the Typist or Transcriptionist.