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Our Buyers Guide has been put together to help you decide on the best solution to meet your requirements, based on the most up-to-date products and services available in the Voice Technology Industry.

Whether you are looking to incorporate a more traditional dictation device, either Mobile or Fixed to the desk, or if perhaps you are looking to introduce a more up-to-date cloud based dictation workflow with the use of mobile phones for dictation, maybe you would like to take the benefits of both and apply them to your business to boost productivity...

A new machine from Philips gives you the ability to dictate on the move and also allows you to access your emails and applications from one smart device. The Philips SpeechAir is currently on a promotional offer and for anybody looking for a completely mobile solution with traditional operation - this is a must see!

Whatever your requirements, we offer a number of solutions from key manufacturers such as Olympus, Philips & Grundig that can be installed and configured to meet you specific requirements.

In recent years we have found an increase in businesses moving towards cloud based IT infrastructures. Services such as Microsoft Office 365 and many more have become standard practice; with companies now becoming aware of the benefits and comfortable with the security and reliability of cloud based solutions. For this reason, we have also noticed a rise in the number of businesses adopting mobile dictation technology such as the Olympus ODDS and Philips SpeechLive services. These are both high-end professional services which offer functionality such as:

  • 256Bit AES Encryption - for secure transfer of your data in the cloud. This meets all industry standards including patient Data Protection.
  • DSS/DS2 Audio Files - giving users the ability to share dictation through the cloud without using excessive amounts of data due to their compressed size.
  • Web-based Dictation & Transcription functionality - so dictations can be uploaded & accessed from anywhere in the world on any PC.(Philips SpeechLive Only)
  • Full File & Edit Functionality for Mobile Devices - Overwrite and Insert audio on your device including Android Mobiles and Tabs as well as all iOS Devices.
  • Complete Workflow with online administration (SpeechLive Only)
  • Receive dictation directly into Transcription Module installed on local PC from the cloud avoiding email transfer of sensitive data/information.

However, the cloud based services available are not for everybody. This is why we still remain up-to-date with the latest hardware and software turn-key solutions for local environments with both the Olympus ODMS and Philips SpeechExec Software as well as a wide array of professional dictation and transcription hardware.

Our team of experts offer a wide array of services from a simple 2 user install for Author and Typist in the same office, through to multi user systems including mobile and local users with an array of workflow functionality with full data security. All you need to do is ask! Call us on 0121 456 7800 to speak with an adviser and one of the team here will be more than happy to take you through the available solutions that will help to boost productivity for your business.

Speech Recognition

A topic that scares some, frustrates few and excites many! We definitely fall into the latter category and take pride in our ongoing accreditation with Nuance - the worlds leading Speech Recognition developers and the face behind Dragon Speech Recognition Software.

With products now appearing on the consumer market such as Amazon's Echo & Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana, Apple's Siri (developed by Nuance) and much more, it would be fair to say that the mass market is now beginning to accept voice recognition as a means of communication with their day-to-day devices and even home appliances. Over the last five years, the software has developed to a point in which the average consumer is able to benefit from using voice commands, without the need to train the software and with a relatively high level of accuracy. These new products are a stepping stone to what will develop into a wide array of devices that utilise voice recognition to complete day-to-day tasks that may normally be actioned by a key stroke, screen tap or mouse click.

So what does this mean for the business world? Well, the arrival of voice recognition to the mass market only consolidates the idea that the Professional versions of the software have developed to a point in which they can truly provide accuracy and reliability. Whereas previously the software required hours of tedious training in order to create a voice profile, the software can now be installed and offer 99% accuracy from the word go! Dragon software has new features such as deep learning and an in-context engine which helps the software to decide on words recognised based on the context of your sentence. In simple works and it works well!

Nuance's speech recognition engine, which was the initial driving force behind Apple's Siri, has truly driven itself to the forefront of voice technology and now offers business a genuinely reliable means of voice recognition with a user friendly platform and the option to get really smart with voice commands and more! With the addition of third party software such as Medincle, users can achieve full UK medical terminology for use within the medical environment.

We are not alone in our acknowledgement of recent developments in Nuance's Dragon Software and this is evident with the release of the Olympus ODMS and Philips SpeechExec Software which integrates with Dragon Individual Software for a complete solution from voice-to-text. Most recently Philips have joined with Nuance to develop a new and unprecedented software platform which allows users to perform a single install and make use of both workflow and voice recognition software in one cost effective and simple product that is Philips SpeechExec 10.

We offer the full range of Dragon Professional products for both Windows and Mac and we hold the highest level of accreditation with Nuance which allows us to train, provide and install the very latest Dragon products to our customers. We welcome you to call or visit us for full demonstrations of Dragon and how it can boost your productivity. Our team of friendly staff are always keen to chat and the kettle is always on in our board room should you wish to sit and try any of the above solutions for yourself. Just simply give us a call on 0121 456 7800 or drop us an email at With over 25 years of experience within the Voice Technology Industry, you can count on us to ensure that you get the very best service and solutions tailored to your business.

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