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How WiFi Enabled Dictation Can Tip the Scales on Your Case

"A Lawyers time and advice are his stock in trade" Abraham Lincoln

When your success relies heavily on recording legal briefs, taking notes on multiple cases and collecting and clarifying any loose thoughts that occur anytime in between, it is not difficult to see why the use of dictation devices have been heavily implemented within the Law industry to help resolve many of the issues that come with a fast-paced and dynamic sector.

Now with the digital revolution in full swing, we understand that it is of paramount importance that you receive the information you need quicker than ever before so you can devote more time to your cases. You need to save time where you can and what was once an integral part of your dictation workflow could now be costing you valuable time, which you could be using to focus more energy on your clients and allowing yourself to gain that winning edge.

Without the need to manually transcribe tape recordings or physically connect your device to a transcription kit or personal computer with pre-installed software, WiFi enabled dictation devices such as the Olympus DS-9500 and the Philips SpeechAir are providing the cutting edge, fast-paced and revolutionary solutions you need.

The Philips SpeechAir and Olympus DS-9500 create an entirely efficient dictation workflow where you can record on-the-go and send your dictations instantaneously to the cloud-based Philips SpeechLive service (SpeechAir) or to the Olympus ODMS R7 (DS-9500) Software for transcription, without any need to ever physically connect the device to a personal computer or transcription kit, so you can concentrate on the case in hand. With the recent Philips Voice Recorder app update, you can now track the status of any files sent for transcription and even receive the completed text files on your device. Equip any of your dictation management systems with Nuance Dragon Voice Recognition Software and your typist needs only to proofread the transcribed text before returning it to you; all of which means that the task in hand can now be your sole focus.

The Olympus DS-9500 with the ODMS R7 Software and the Philips SpeechAir and accompanying SpeechLive Cloud Service are fully secured with 256-bit AES encryption, meaning that your workflow is not only more efficient, but more secure than ever before for any concerns regarding GDPR compliance.

19th April 2018

How the Right Device Can Prepare You For the May 18 GDPR

256-bit AES Encryption for dictation devices and management systems...

With the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming into effect in May 18, organisations that are controlling and processing any personal health information, personal identity information, trade secrets and intellectual property require utmost confidence in the security in all of their devices and management systems. In the UK, GDPR will replace the Data Protection Act 1998, which was brought into law as a way to implement the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive. GDPR seeks to give people more control over how organisations use their data, and introduced hefty penalties for organisations that fail to comply with the rules, and for those that suffer data breaches. It also ensures data protection law is almost identical across the EU.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies are proven to streamline digital workflow and improve employees efficiency and productivity. That being said, organisations that employ BYOD policies need to place special emphasis on their strategies to control authorisation and access to any sensitive information across devices and to ensure that any breach is reported in good time. With the introduction of Mobile Applications such as SpeechLive from Philips and the Olympus Dictation Delivery Service; users can rely on 256-Bit Encryption to protect data that is captured in audio on their devices. The applications can also be set to purge dictations which contain sensitive information once they have been sent in an encrypted format to an administration team. The Philips SpeechLive service provides extremely secure cloud storage; to the highest standards available. With real-time encryption and security certified Philips data centres, SpeechLive will ensure that your data is fully protected, aiding your BYOD policies in remaining compliant with the May 18 GDPR.

Some businesses are now looking to step away from BYOD and implement dedicated devices for their employees. This takes responsibility away from individual users, thus enhancing their security and assisting in meeting new GDPR targets for 2018. Below is some information about the dedicated secure devices from both Philips and Olympus which will allow users to compose dictations and send securely whilst remaining efficient and mobile.

WiFi enabled dictation devices such as the Olympus DS-9500 and the Philips PSE1200 SpeechAir offer full security of data with 256-bit AES encryption. When used in conjunction with the accompanying Olympus ODMS R7 Dictation Management System or Philips SpeechLive Cloud Service, you can easily record and upload your dictations via email (ODMS R7) or to secure cloud-based Microsoft Azure servers (Philips SpeechLive) and remain confident that your data is fully protected.

13th April 2018

Desktop Dictation goes mobile

With the Philips SpeechMike Premium Air...

The SpeechMike Premium Air is your personal dictation device providing you with all of the unparalleled recording quality, ease of use and comfort that you expect from a Philips dictation product.

Whether you are working with other people in a noisy room, in your own office, or at home the SpeechMike Premium Air ensures that you won't miss a thing: highly innovative digital wireless technology guarantees crystal clear signal transmission without any recognisable latency even while you're moving around the desk.

While the SpeechMike Premium Air delivers a state-of-the-art wireless performance it also includes the well-known capabilities of the SpeechMike Premium Touch such as the free-floating studio quality microphone with a built in noise reduction pop filter, an antimicrobial surface, a dust protected touch sensor, as well as a motion sensor for advanced dictation options.

Like all Philips SpeechMike devices the SpeechMike Premium Air is fully compatible with its wired counterparts – for easy plug & play integration into existing systems.

Key Features Include:

Patented 100% lossless speech technology - for smooth wireless voice recording

Studio-quality microphone - for best-in-class speech recognition results

Decoupled free-floating microphone - for precise recordings without background noise

Superior touch sensor - for integrated mouse function

27th October 2017

On-site Training & Installation to help those who help others...

Working with real people on real projects is what keeps us in touch with our customer base and their requirements...

As leaders in the Voice Technology industry, we have a deep understanding of how different products and services can be utilised to boost productivity. However, without a true understanding of how an organisation runs from within, it is impossible to tailor a solution that fully meets the requirements of its users. In the same sense, without the users having a full understanding of how the technology works, it is impossible for them to utilise the solution to its full potential and boost their own productivity.

For example, last week we made a site visit to Arcos - a UK national charity, working to improve life for children and adults who have communication, eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties. Situated in the beautiful hills of Malvern, Arcos have a Resource, Training and Therapy Centre and operate a nationwide outreach service.

Arcos had approached us with a request for Speech Recognition training on a currently installed version of Dragon Software from Nuance. On checking the install remotely from our Midlands based Voice Tech centre, we decided that it would be a good idea to upgrade them to the latest version of Dragon and also introduced them to Dragon Group – enabling the use of Roaming Profiles. Previously Arcos had used Dragon individual from each PC. This meant that when they moved around the office, from PC to PC, that they were updating a separate Dragon Profile, thus never having a positive effect on a personalised profile of their own. The introduction of Dragon Professional Group V15 would allow Arcos users to roam freely between PC's in the office and update their voice profiles to a centrally based directory on the network, thus improving accuracy and performance for each individual user - wherever they dictate.

As well as upgrading to the latest version of Dragon Group, we also amended the Dictation and Transcription Software so that it would work in-line with the Speech Recognition Software. We updated to the latest version of Olympus ODMS and then integrated the typists’ software to Dragon. Now the typist could receive audio files from the Authors and convert them to text using Speech Recognition. Not only that, they could convert multiple Authors files from their PC's which then automatically updated the Authors voice profile for the centrally held profile on the network.

So, with a new system installed and set up, Arcos could benefit from multiple Authors dictating either directly into any PC in the office or into a dictation machine (in this case the Olympus DS-7000) which could be downloaded from any PC to the typists desk. The typist could then convert to text and make amendments where necessary. Those amendments would then automatically update the Authors voice profile (from any PC) and improve the accuracy and performance of the Speech Recognition for each individual user.

Having spent time on-site and discussing the demands of each user to determine the overall requirements that were needed by the organisation; this was the solution that we put in place:

Requirement: To be able to dictate either 'on the move' or at the desk and either convert to text (from any PC) as an Author, or send to a typist to be converted, amended and sent back. In addition, to achieve accurate Speech Recognition which can be accessed from multiple PC's and is updated frequently to improve accuracy and learn new vocabulary.

Solution: Upgrade to latest Dragon Professional Group 15 with an installation of centrally based directory for use in updating Individual Voice Profiles from multiple PC's (Dragon Roaming Profiles). Install a centrally based directory for the audio (dictation) files to be passed from Author to typist.

Integrate typists Olympus ODMS Software to Dragon Group so that Authors files can be converted and updated to the Voice Profile on the network.

Training & Install from Speak-IT...

Of course, the technology being new to Arcos, would also require some user training which was provided by one of our Voice Technicians on-site. Training for the typists gave the users an overall understanding of how the ODMS Software could be utilised to convert audio to a finished document, including updating the Roaming Dragon Profile. Foot control and playback settings were also adjusted to suit the users’ preference.

Author training consisted of a basic command overview for Dragon Speech Recognition. This gave the user a brief overview of commands that can be utilised in order to create

emails and documents without use of keyboard. Simple amendment commands were also given in order to correct and spell words on the fly - thus keeping the Dragon profile adapting to the users voice. A Microphone input test was performed, allowing the software the best opportunity to adapt to the users environment. Finally, a vocabulary update was made, using the internal tools in Dragon to scan both documents and emails on the users’ PC and add vocabulary commonly spoken by the user.

Visitors to the ARCOS Centre this week have included Dave Complin from Speak IT. Thanks go to Dave for upgrading our Dragon Dictate software!

Pictured: Dave Complin with ARCOS Occupational Therapist Margaret Walker.

These are standard training methods and install protocols that we carry out when installing Dragon Group or Individual for a client. As a
Nuance Accredited Partner, we also offer a wide range of training and support for Dragon which can be attended at our new Midlands based Voice Technology Centre. For further information on how you can gain support for Dragon, please call on 0121 456 7800 and speak with one of our Voice Technicians.

10th October 2017

Capture every letter with mobile dictation!

Our brains don’t just shut down when we leave the office at five o'clock. It always seems to be that the best ideas come in the most unusual places and it never seems to be when you’re in the office and could make use of them. By the time you come to put pen to paper, those great ideas and thoughts have been forgotten and no matter how hard you try, you can’t recall what they were or how they came to be on your mind. Could mobile dictation apps be the solution? This blog post will explore the features mobile dictation apps have to offer along with some recommendations of apps designed and manufactured by the professionals!

Computers are brilliant devices and are incredibly useful machines that many of us use in our day to day lives. But often they can be really distracting. I find that the temptation to check up on my emails, amongst other things, can be a real issue. Sometimes a few moments to take a step back is all you need to reclaim your focus, but 9 times out of 10 we find ourselves making excuses to remain at our desks as subconsciously we know our productivity will suffer. One of the main drawbacks of digital dictation is constantly having to be plugged into another device like a laptop or computer in order to transfer dictations. This can be inconvenient when on the move due to the extra equipment required. With mobile dictation, this isn’t an issue. Dictation apps run from your smartphone removing the need to connect to another device, thus reducing the amount of equipment that you have to carry.

Utilizing your smartphone as a dictation device can have a hugely beneficial impact on you and your business. An app that gives you the freedom to dictate wherever you are, meaning that the time spent in the office is reduced which in turn helps to increase productivity and improve documentation quantity.

But what happens after you finish dictating? With Olympus and Philips mobile dictation apps, comes the ability to send files through cloud-based servers to your typist. The Philips app, known as SpeechLive, comes with additional options including SpeechScribe. The online transcription service that offers accurate transcription and faster turnaround times saving your administration team valuable time that could be put to better use in other areas of your business. It’s that simple. Many of the apps available on the market today aim to boost your efficiency whilst on the move granting convenient dictation wherever you may be.

Do I need a typist? As well as SpeechScribe, Philips also offers a speech recognition service that allows users to convert speech to text for as little as 23 pence per minute! Olympus also have administration software that seamlessly integrates with speech recognition such as Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Both apps will allow you to send high quality audio for use with stand-alone speech recognition software installed back at your desk. For further information about Dragon NaturallySpeaking speak to one of our advisers or team members on 0121 456 7800.

More people are taking advantage of mobile apps and it’s no wonder that the number of users over the past year has more than doubled. Particularly in fields such as surveying, as well as in both the medical and legal industry. This is not only a fine example of the reliability of these apps but a reflection of the security that they can offer.

Be secure. Be aware. Be assured with AES encryption! When dictating into mobile dictation apps such as those designed by Philips and Olympus, audio files will automatically be compressed and encrypted to the same high-quality DSS/2 digital file format that is used throughout the professional dictation industry as a standard. This format is 4 times smaller than an MP3 file and takes advantage of 256 Bit AES Encryption for data protection. This means that your data is always safe and secure from interference and theft. This also allows you to send large audio files without crunching vast amounts of your data!

Philips and Olympus, the two leading companies in digital dictation, have developed professional apps such as Olympus Dictation Delivery Service (ODDS) and Philips SpeechLive. Both of these apps allow you to record and upload dictations to secure cloud-based servers via intuitive user friendly interfaces. Why not stay ahead of the curve with mobile dictation? Free Trials are available for both the Philips & Olympus Mobile Dictation Apps, so please feel free to sign up and test them out for yourself - experience how going mobile boost your productivity.

Did you enjoy this blog post? For further information on how you may benefit from using a Mobile Phone Solution, please feel free to contact us on 0121 456 7800.

4th July 2017 - Jacob Evans

You can purchase with confidence from Nuance Approved Partners

Advanced voice technology will soon be ubiquitous, as natural and intelligent user interface technology integrates seamlessly into daily life.
Voice will be a primary interface for the connected home, providing a natural means to communicate with alarm systems, lights, kitchen appliances, sound systems and more, as users go about their day-to-day lives. More and more major cars on the market will adopt intelligent, voice-driven systems for entertainment and location-based search, keeping drivers’ and passengers’ eyes and hands free.

Nuance Communications is a multinational computer software corporation, headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, who specialize in Speech Recognition. Nuance are the key players in the Speech Recognition Industry and are the brains behind the majority of Speech Recognition Software such as Siri on the iPhone...

"Siri's speech recognition engine is provided by Nuance Communications, a speech technology company, although this was not officially acknowledged by either Apple or Nuance until AllThingsD Conference (2013)"

Nuance has a dedicated Speech Recognition Software for both personal and business use. Dragon Speech Recognition, created by Nuance, is the worlds leading speech-to-text software and offers users the very best in voice technology.

You only have to search for "Speech Recognition" online and you will be met by multiple versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. For Mac, PC, Legal, Medical and Home use - the world of speech recognition can quickly become confusing. However, fear not, as Speak-IT are here to advise you and get you on the right path moving forward with your Speech recognition system. We have upheld the Nuance Approved Partnership now for over 10 years and have a confident team of professionals who can offer both advice and support when purchasing any Nuance Product.

Remember to look for the Nuance Approved Partner Logo when purchasing any Nuance Dragon Product. This is to let you know that you can purchase Dragon with confidence in the seller and their knowledge of the product. As an approved partner, we offer both product advice and support. We have a number of support and training packages available for those who are looking to get the most out of Dragon. Speech Recognition and Voice Technology have been at the forfront of Speak-IT for over 27 years. Now it is time to make Speech Recognition part of your business and make your voice heard with Nuance. Boost your productivity today with the help and support that can be offered from a Nuance Approved partner.

12th May 2017

SpeechExec Pro Dictation and Transcription Software

Use the power of your voice

SpeechExec Pro 10 dictation and transcription software links authors and transcriptionists. It facilitates communication, the setup of individual workflow settings and organizational flexibility to help save time and resources. Authors can record directly into the software using a dictation microphone and transcriptionists can playback and conveniently transcribe these files using a foot control.

  • Workflow Management and Automation helps to enhance productivity
  • Recorder for Convenient Direct Dictation with Philips Dictation Microphones
  • Popup Alerts for Notification on Important Tasks
  • Encryption and Backup Functions for Highest Security

7th April 2017

A New View Informs a New Way of Working at PGS Law LLP

A fresh perspective can often have a welcoming and transformative effect, which is what John Wood aimed to bring to Tyne & Wear-based legal firm PGS Law LLP when he joined as Practice Manager in 2012. Using experience gained from his career in multinational organisations, John spotted several areas where technology could be introduced to boost productivity and efficiency at the busy firm, which specialises in Property, Litigation, Personal Injury, Employment Law, Family and Probate. The 100 plus year old company’s team of 30 comprises six partners, three solicitors, three paralegals and other key functions including secretarial, accounts, reception and general office management.


  • Long established legal firm
  • Team of 30
  • Two sites located in Tyne & Wear

  • To overhaul the firm’s paper-based processes and streamline document workflow
  • To introduce a case management system, Dragon speech recognition technology, and - long term a paperless office

  • Productivity transformed amid secretaries and fee earners
  • Document workflow processes optimised
  • Client service further improved

3rd April 2017

Brand-new Philips SpeechMike Premium Touch launched

Brand-new Philips SpeechMike Premium Touch launched

The Philips SpeechMike Premium has established itself as the benchmark for professional dictation microphones.

Outstanding recording quality, noise cancelling capabilities, perfect ergonomics as well as its antimicrobial surface make it a perfect tool for professional dictation users.
The Philips SpeechMike Premium Touch not only includes all the well-known functionalities of the SpeechMike Premium, but also features:

• A new touch sensor for optimized cursor control
• Enhanced barcode reader capabilities (barcode devices only)
• Revised hardware architecture enabling secure firmware upgrades.

Push-button operation

Push-button operation
Integrated barcode scanner

Slide-switch operation
Integrated barcode scanner

The SpeechMike Premium Touch is backwards-compatible with its predecessors for easy plug & play integration into existing systems.
Available now at - check out the new SpeechMikes here!

1st July 2016

Olympus Windows 10 Support

  • ODMS (click here to download) + Patch0009 (click here to download)
  • DSS Player Standard Release 2 (click here to download) + Patch0005 (click here to download)

The following devices are supported on Windows 10:

Older devices are also supported on Windows 10 as long as they are used with the software versions mentioned above:

  • Mobile recorders (Pro): DS-5000, DS-3400
  • Mobile recorder (Non Pro): DS-2400, DS-2800
  • Foot Control: RS-28

1st june 2016

Philips Pocket memo LFH9000 Series - End Of Service

The DPM3 range will reach End of Service on 30th April 2016*

The affected products are:
• LFH 9600 Series
• LFH 9500 Series
• LFH 9300 Series

The benefits of upgrading to Philips DPM8000 series:

• Best recording results with breakthrough 3D Mic technology
• Ergonomic slide switch for efficient single-handed operation
• Integrated barcode scanner for streamlined documentation
• Flawless workflow between dictation files and final documents
with SpeechExec Pro software

Fear not as there is a successor product with the Philips DPM8000 Series and with great discount on LFH9000 Series trade-ins, now is the time to upgrade!

To arrange a trade-in on your old Philips Digital Pocket memo just simply give us a call here on 0121 456 7800.

5th May 2016

Philips Launch New SpeechAir Smart Recorder

The dawn of a new era is here in the form of the Philips SpeechAir Smart Voice Recorder...

The Philips SpeechAir smart voice recorder saves you time and resources by allowing you to work more flexibly than ever before. Integrated Wi-Fi functionality facilitates quick file download from any network. Recordings are encrypted in real time for maximum data security. The device also features three microphones dedicated to outstanding voice recording quality.

View further details of the Philips SpeechAir Here.

19th April 2016

SpeechLive Stage 7 Release

With this release customers will benefit from support for up to 50 users, new workflow configuration options, support for new hardware devices, improved SpeechLive browser clients, the new SpeechLive speech recognition service, as well as the new 'Dealer-activation' option where customers can directly purchase SpeechLive at their preferred SpeechLive partner without the need for a Credit Card payment.

To see how your business could benefit from the use of Philips SpeechLive simply visit our information page here online.

Alternatively, take a FREE Trial of SpeechLive straight away!

13th April 2016

Philips - Voice Technology For Every Industry

Dictation, transcription and voice technology have long been synonymous with the legal industry. However, thanks to the powerful features and ease-of-use of mobile voice technology solutions, other types of professionals in different industries are adopting the solutions to help them eliminate time-consuming tasks and improve efficiency.

Ron Walker, for example, is the CEO of Control Systems Technologies, an energy company in Orlando, FL, that offers an array of solutions to modernize power plants. For years, Walker tried to document all the details and action items of his daily meetings and phone calls with handwritten notes that he later typed, wasting precious hours.

Walker switched to capturing all the complex information of his many encounters on his Philips Pocket Memo handheld recorder and then had the recordings transcribed in Philips SpeechLive, our secure, cloud-based dictation management solution. Walker is now saving the equivalent of two full workweeks each year by eliminating typing.

To see how your business could benefit from the use of Philips SpeechLive simply visit our information page here online.

Alternatively, take a FREE Trial of SpeechLive straight away!

Click here
to read the full user story.

22nd January 2016

Christmas & New Year Delivery Times

Christmas is fast approaching and its time now to get your items ordered for delivery should you wish to recieve them before Santa arrives.

For gauranteed delivery before Christmas Day you will need to select Next Day Delivery (£8.95) at the checkout.

Our last chance for delivery will be Tuesday 22nd December on or before 4:30pm. Any orders placed after this point will be automaticaly processed and out for delivery as of Monday 4th January.

Our website will of course be open for business throughout the Christmas period, so feel free to drop by and place orders as you wish.

Any orders placed within this period will be processed and delivered when we return on January 4th.

In the meantime, should you wish to make any enquiries for delivery times and services, please call us here on 0121 456 7800.

Have a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Dragon Professional 14 Individual & 13.5 Group

Nuance announces 2 new versions of Dragon Professional – Dragon Professional Individual 14, and Dragon Professional Group 13.5.

This post will focus primarily on Dragon Professional Individual 14.

Nuance has split their Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 13 product into 2 different products: Dragon Professional Individual & Dragon Professional Group.

Dragon Professional Individual has been attributed the version number 14, whereas Dragon Professional Group holds a version number of 13.5.

NOTE: This post does not concern Dragon® Medical Practice Edition, nor any upgrades (such as Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 3). Details regarding a new version of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition is presently unknown.

Dragon Professional Individual versus Dragon Professional Group

So what are the differences?

The bottom line is that Dragon Professional Individual has had a number of advanced features removed (when compared to Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 13), whereas Dragon Professional Group retains the same feature set as Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 13.

Both Dragon Professional Individual and Dragon Professional Group provide some additional functionality.

Dragon Professional Individual is geared towards lawyers, professionals, and those with physical limitations who are single users within their own or a small office.

On the other hand, if you are a lawyer or professional within an office environment where there are several users of Dragon, Dragon Professional Group provides some excellent behind-the-scenes administration of user profiles and their component pieces (word lists, vocabularies, and commands).

What Is Really New in Dragon Professional Individual 14?

By now some of you have probably received an email notification from Nuance espousing some new features and enhancements in this new version of Dragon. Following are some details that you should know.

  • Support for Windows 10: Nuance has already stated that Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 is compatible with Windows 10.
  • Advanced, time-saving commands: the full set of custom command creation capability is already present in Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 13, although it is not available in Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13.
  • Powerful, personal customization: again, this level of vocabulary customization is already present in Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 13, and not available in Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13.
  • Dragon Anywhere integration: Dragon Anywhere is an exciting new mobile application, enabling users of iOS and android devices to transcribe their voice into text as well as edit and correct documents on their mobile devices. If you purchase Dragon Anywhere (available later this year), your custom text commands and word lists may be synchronized.
  • This is a truly outstanding feature, but be aware that at this time, this cloud-based service is located within the United States of America, and even though your data is encrypted, it is still no longer protected by UKprivacy laws and will fall under the jurisdiction of the United States of America, including the Patriot Act.
  • Transcription options: another new feature, Dragon Professional Individual is now capable of transcribing an individual speaker’s recording without traditional Dragon training. However, as always, quality of audio will impact accuracy, and there will be little to no punctuation (or paragraphs) unless they are dictated.
  • Even easier to use: Nuance has revamped the help files.
  • In conclusion, the Dragon Anywhere integration is likely to be the most useful feature. The new transcription options may be of interest to some users.

What Has Been Removed from Dragon Professional Individual That Was in Dragon Professional 13?

  • Dragon Professional Individual will no longer include a basic headset. often provides superior microphones (wired and wireless) according to the user’s needs, so this is not a tremendous loss.
  • Dragon Professional Individual will no longer include the Roaming User feature (the ability to synchronize a user profile across multiple computers).
  • Administrative Settings have been removed
  • An MSI installation is no longer available
  • The Data Distribution Tool has been removed, and will no longer allow for deploying customized vocabularies and commands to multiple Dragon users.
  • The ability to run Dragon on a Remote Desktop Connection has been removed.
  • Export and import custom words with all formatting and properties in place.
  • Advanced custom commands for controlling your computer as well as producing text with lists or navigable voice fields. These custom commands can also be exported and imported.
  • Save your voice with your dictation for deferred correction.
  • Transcribe a single speaker’s voice from pre-recorded dictation. There are certain limitations such as accuracy, and lack of punctuation and paragraphs.
  • Auto Transcribe Folder Agent allows for automatic transcription of voice recordings.
  • Support for individual Dragon Anywhere accounts for synchronization between custom word lists and text commands between Dragon Professional Individual and Dragon Anywhere.

"Honestly, those who possess a license for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 12 or 13 benefit the most. Now is definitely the time to upgrade, as it is unlikely to ever be this inexpensive to do so. Special pricing of approximately £000 ends September 29, 2015."

Current Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 12 or 13 Users - Should You Upgrade to Dragon Professional Individual 14?

If you hold a license for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 12 or 13, definitely upgrade to Dragon Professional Individual 14.

Current Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 12 Users

If you hold a license for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 12 and do not require the features removed from Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, then by all means upgrade to remain current with the new Windows 10 operating system, as well is support for Internet Explorer 11.

By upgrading you will also experience increased accuracy, faster response time, improved audio device management (use multiple USB devices), and a Canadian English vocabulary. And don’t forget synchronization with the upcoming Dragon Anywhere product.

Current Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 13 Users

If you currently hold a license for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 13, you will need to weigh the pros and cons of features lost for features gained. Existing clients of Speak-IT Solutions are encouraged to contact us to discuss your particular situation further.

A Little More Information

Please visit our Upgrade page regarding Dragon Professional Group 13.5 & Dragon Professional Individual 14.

18th September 2015

The All New Olympus Note Taking Range

Introducing the All new Olympus Note Taking Range which includes (from the lowest spec) the Olympus VN-7800PC, VN-741PC, WS-852 and WS-853. As well as the addition of the Olympus VN-741 PC with DNS which includes recorder
edition of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

16th September 2015

Olympus VP-10 Receives Our Seal Of Approval

Amongst a handful of new arrivals from Olympus is the VP-10 Digital Pen Recorder.
This product has been tried and tested by our team of experts and is highly recommended for purchase with recording lectures, meetings and interviews. Here's what our experts say...

"The Olympus VP-10 offers a very high level of recording and with its sleek design it is easy to transport throughout the day. This gives users the unique ability to capture recordings in a multiple of situatuons without the need to carry a large or heavy device."

11th September 2015

All New Philips Foot Controls

Philips Introduce their latest technology in foot controls with the arrival of the Philips ACC2310/20/30. This new ACC Foot Control series is to preplace the previous LFH Series.

The new foot controls offer better usability with improved ergonomics and newly designed non-slip pedals.

There will be three models which will directly replace the current three models. With the highest Spec ACC2330 to feature a 4 pedal operation, giving an additional foot pedal which can be assigned by the user to a number of options, in order to boost efficiency.

The remaining two models ACC2310 & ACC2320 will offer a 3 pedal operation and both have alternative layouts to suit the preference of the typist.

The new foot controls are due to be released at the end of October 2015 and will be available for purchase alongside both the Philips Transcription Kits including Philips SpeechExec Software as well as the Philips Transcription Headset.

To view details of the latest ACC Foot Control, Please see here.

7th September 2015

New Multi-Speaker Capabilities with SpeechLive Stage 6

With the arrival of SpeechLive stage 6, allowing users to send dictation with multiple speakers, Philips have announced the release of updated Recorder Apps.

Previously the SpeechScribe transcription service could just accept single-speaker dictations. With SpeechLive Stage 6 we have changed the workflow to support multi-speaker transcription. If activated by the administrator the user will see a pop-up that appears after the sending option has been selected.

The last selection will always be saved, making it more convenient for users who always have the same number of speakers. If the user sends off multiple dictations there will just be one pop-up asking for the number of speakers. This information will then be taken up for all dictations that were selected.

The user will have the possibility to switch between single and multi-speaker in the SpeechLive forwarding menu. If single speaker is selected no pop-up will appear during the sending process.

Until SpeechLive Stage 6 the user will just see the additional “Multi-Speaker” option in the SpeechLive settings, but will not be able to choose it. With Stage 6 the administrator can enable “Multi-Speaker” for the account and the user will be able to choose between multi speaker and single speaker.

App Updates

The latest version of the app enables a Philips SpeechLive user to use multi-speaker transcription with the upcoming SpeechLive Stage 6 release.

The updated Apps have been released for all platforms including iPhone, Android and Blackberry. See below for further details...

Philips Dictation Recorder for Android Version 2.7

Compatable Devices Include:

Nexus5 with 4.4.2 and 5.1.0
Nexus6 with 5.1.0
Samsung Galaxy S5 with 5.0.0
Samsung Galaxy S4 with 4.4.2
Samsung Galaxy Note4 with 4.4.4
Samsung Galaxy Nexus with 4.2.1

Philips Dictation Recorder for BlackBerry
Version 2.1

Compatable With Blackberry 10 Device

The app will be available in the BlackBerry World Store on July 7, 2015

Philips Dictation Recorder for iPhone Version 3.7

The App is designed for iOS 8.3 and is supported on:

iPhone 4, 4s
iPhone 5, 5s
iPhone 6, 6 Plus

The app will be available in the Appstore on July 7, 2015

15th July 2015

New Olympus ODMS V6.4 Update

At the beginning of July Olympus released the latest update to
their professional dictation and transcription management software ODMS Software Version 6.4. This update includes a number of important improvements and a number of bug fixes. Here is an overview of the update and fixes to the latest software.

What's New...

1. Automatically add emailed dictations to the speech recognition queue (Transcription Module only)

This is the most popular of new features. In previous versions of ODMS, you were able to automate quite a bit of your workflow, including tasks related to integrated speech recognition (Dragon). There was one particular limitation you could not overcome however...

Transcriptionists receiving dictations via email would have to manually drag new files into the voice recognition queue (if they intended them to be auto-transcribed). Of course, the queue itself could be configured to start processing any files added to the queue… once they got there.

No more dragging is necessary for this process. Emailed dictations can now be set to enter the speech recognition queue automatically. This feature is turned on by default when doing a fresh install of ODMS 6.4. If you’re updating from a previous version of ODMS, and have already automated your background speech recognition workflow, this new setting is probably enabled.

To change this setting in the ODMS R6.4 Transcription Module, find the menu bar at the top of the window, and then navigate to Voice Recognition > Voice Recognition Settings > Background Voice Recognition. You’re looking for the checkbox next to “Add to recognition queue after receiving E-mail / FTP.”

As an added bonus, this feature does integrate with any dictation routing rules you might be using, as well as your document return workflow.

2. Configure the font size of the main window

In case the text is too small, Olympus has added the ability to change the font size of the items in the Content List View and the Information View of ODMS. You likely know these as the main window, where all of your dictations are visible, and the document list / voice recognition queue, situated at the bottom of the window.

To change this font size, click on View > Font Size.

3. Add a font toolbar to the Voice Recognition Editor window (Dictation Module only)

For those of you who use ODMS for front end speech recognition, you now have the ability to add a font toolbar, to make changes to text size and formatting a little easier.

To enable this feature, click on View > Toolbar > Font in the VR Editor window.

4. Larger Toolbar icons. For new installations of ODMS R6.4, the toolbar icons are now larger, by default. For those upgrading from ODMS R6.3.1 or earlier, you may need to change the icon size manually in a few places.

Click View > Toolbar > Customize to change the icon size settings.

5. Dragon v13 Support. Although ODMS R6.3.1 unofficially supported Dragon NaturallySpeaking v13 (Legal and Professional editions), Olympus has stated unequivocally that R6.4 officially supports these editions of the Dragon speech recognition system.

6. DR-1000/2000 RecMic End-of-Life. The DR-1000/2000 RecMics, can no longer be configured in ODMS R6.4—nor do they work with the Device Detector to open the Dictation Module. They will record audio, but the buttons are rendered inoperable.

7. Enhanced Smartphone Integration. For those of you using the Olympus smartphone app, there’s been a significant improvement made to the transcriptionist’s user experience. In the past, if your typist was using the Transcription Module to receive dictations via the Olympus app, she would see a “sender” email address referencing the ODP.

While this indicates that the email was sent via the Olympus app, it does not reveal what email address it was sent from. Additionally, it renders the routing and return document features useless—as they both depend on the sender’s email address.

In the ODMS R6.4 Transcription Module, Olympus made a simple change that eliminates this limitation. The sender’s email address now displays the account used to send the dictation.

The Fixes

1. Some Dragon voice commands don’t work in the Voice Recognition Editor window.

If you use ODMS for front end speech recognition (with Dragon), you may have noticed that the “undo” voice command (and a few others) didn’t work in the VR Editor. Olympus has fixed this in R6.4. You may now use any command on this cheat sheet. In a few cases, when using templates, your header and footer were getting cut off. This has been rectified.

3. FIPS140 was causing some users problems. No longer.

4. During installation, when choosing “All user settings,” each user was still being shown the Setup Wizard. Additionally, they were not able to use the wizard to change the file path for the Download Tray.

Now, ODMS R6.4 reserves the Setup Wizard for the admin, and will allow the Download Tray folder path to be configured.

5. Users can now transition from a trial to a full license without having to wait a 30 days, and without having to uninstall / reinstall ODMS.

6. Release 6.4 also includes all of the fixes from previous R6.3.1 patches—except for patch 0008.

ODMS R6.4 Patch 0001

If you use Outlook 2013 for email, you may be familiar with a particularly intractable problem ODMS R6.3.1 was encountering sending and receiving your dictations. There were several patches developed to address the problem, but none of them quite sealed the deal. Patch 0008 for R6.3.1 was a sort of capstone for the issue; unfortunately, Olympus wasn’t able to get the fix in R6.4.

That’s why we have patch 0001 for R6.4. Essentially, it solves the Outlook 2013 problem, including the issue with dictations getting stuck in the Outbox. This patch only works for ODMS R6.4, so if you’re not running that version, you’ll need to get it first.

You can download patch 0001 here.

Want to Know More About ODMS?

ODMS is Olympus’ flagship professional solution for dictation and transcription management, so be assured that it will continue to play a large role in helping law offices, police departments, and hospitals do what they do better.

Be sure to check out the Buyers Guide for more about ODMS or ask us about a personalised training session for you and your staff. We want you to have everything you need to decide whether the Olympus Dictation Management System is right for you - as well as the resources and knowledge necessary to implement and customise it successfully. Thats why we offer full demonstrations throughout the UK. Our Olympus Reps are always more than happy to show you the Olympus Professional Kit and discuss any specific requirements to your business.

Appointments can be arranged without any hastle, just simply call 0121 456 7800.

To learn more about our training, customisation, and technical support options, click here.

13th July 2015

Olympus & Nuance working in harmony...

The Olympus Clinical Speech Recognition Kit has been created specifically for use within the medical industry, offering a cheaper alternative to Dragon Medical Edition whilst maintaining a high level of accuracy and full use of medical vocabulary.

ODMS is a specialised documentation software to turn speech into text. For many years a seamless integration with speech recognition has been possible. This complete solution now combines all three essential components for an efficient document creation process using your speech:

  • Medical speech recognition covering your speciality with over 90 vocabularies
  • Olympus professional dictation device awarded the maximum accuracy rating for speech recognition by Nuance
  • Premium Olympus dictation workflow software (ODMS)

This makes it the best choice for your document creation process.

Olympus provides a Dictation Management System (ODMS) software which is designed to create your documents quickly, easily and more efficiently by using your voice. Hence, Olympus‘ dictation hardware and software is the professional team which meets professional needs. We offer you the choice: Olympus dictation device including ODMS software package for classic documentation – where the transcription of your dictations is done by your typist*; plus we introduce to you a cutting-edge solution incorporating Clinical Speech Recognition Software from Nuance. Combined with a professional dictation device your dictations will be transcribed automatically.

An additional advantage of this solution is the ability to train the relevant user profile, so that terms, names, special keywords etc. are memorized by the software and correctly recognized from now on forever. This training of the Speech Recognition can be carried out by authors (e.g. clinicians) themselves, or for even more efficiency, by secretaries performing the transcriptions, ensuring maximum recognition accuracy and quicker document completion.

View further details and pricing for both the Olympus Medical RecMic & Mobile Kit below...

10th March 2015

New Philips SpeechExec Software Version 8.6
In January 2014 Philips introduced SpeechLive - the new industry leading cloud based dictation workflow solution for the professional market.
Now, one year later we will already launch SpeechLive Stage IV which includes the browser-based Dictation Manager and SpeechExec 8.6.
We are pleased to announce the release of new SpeechExec Software V 8.6...
SpeechExec 8.6 contains some adaptations for the dictation manager, but we also managed to include some improvements like the secure front-end speech recognition window, the extraction of spoken instructions from digital (DPM) dictations, as well as enhanced notification options for transcriptionists.

SpeechExec 8.6 is now even faster and easier to use for intensive SpeechLive users who may already have thousands of dictations in their archive, by reducing the data traffic to from the SpeechLive servers.

From SpeechExec Pro 8.6 onwards, all SpeechExec Pro products will include the Dragon speech recognition connector license. The SE Pro products will all now include the combi license which unlocks all the functionality of SpeechExec Pro with a single license key.

Download the latest version 8.6 SpeechExec Software here.

23rd February 2015

New Philips Dictation Recorder App
We are pleased to announce the release of a new Dictation Recorder App V 3.6
for the iPhone.

The main changes in version 3.6 are....

  • UI Redesign and Ads implementation
  • New Quick Start Guide
  • Easier Dictation Selection
  • New status icons for visible workflow
  • Set editing mode
  • Improved setting headers
  • Dictation Upload can be cancelled
  • E-Mail sending now always optional
  • Improved integration with Philips SpeechExec Software
  • New barcode scanner SDK

The app is available now from the app store

10th February 2014

Introducing the Speak-IT Online Transcription Service

Speak-IT online transcription service

Time is money and more and more of our time is being spent creating documents. Whether it’s typing reports, letters or surveys, our precious hours are being taken up leaving us less time to spend on more important aspects of business.
Speak-IT now offers an affordable solution to get your documents done in no time at all.

“But I have a typist?”

Having a dedicated typist is great, but it’s not cost-effective. A PA on the other hand, does a wide range of jobs, from document creation, time scheduling, liaising with clients and much more, but speak to any PA and they will tell you that typing is the most time-consuming aspect of their day-to-day tasks. It is known fact that we speak at least double the speed at which we are able to type. Even the most competent typists are able reach an average of up to 90 words per minute, a snail’s pace in comparison to the 160 words per minute that we speak…

The speak-IT transcription service takes hefty, time-consuming transcription tasks away from your PA, leaving them additional hours in the day to complete vital tasks.

“What is the Speak-It Transcription Service?”

The Speak It Transcription Service (SITS) s a flexible document turn around service. Simply complete your dictation, whether it’s using a traditional dictation device or mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad. Then send your dictation file to us, we’ll do the rest. Your dictation file will then be transcribed and sent back to you in a text document, ready to go!

“Is it Secure?”

The SITS offers end-to-end security from the point of sending ,right through to the moment that the finished document arrives back at your desk , using the SITS File management System - an innovative way to send files utilising an internet browser on your PC, for both Windows and Mac. You can also submit sound files directly from an Apple iPhone or android device using the Olympus ODDS software. For further details click here.

"How do I start using SITTS?"

You can start using SITTS as soon as you are ready. Perhaps you have a member of staff away and need to get some important documents created urgently. In any case, to sign up to our new online transcription service simply call us on
0121 456 7800 or email We have a very helpful and friendly team of professionals who
will also be more than happy to answer any enquires that you may have, so feel free to call us and ask for futher information.

Key Features

100% UK-based
End-to-End security
24-hour turnaround
Accurate transcription results

5th February 2015
Download the latest update to the Olympus ODDS Mobile Phone App

You may well have updated your iPhone to the latest version of iOS 8.1. You may also have noticed some issues causing an unnecessary delay to the record button on your dictation App.

Fear not, as Olympus have now released the latest update to their Mobile Phone Dictation App. This Version 1.1.2 fixes the following bugs...

  • There is no longer a delay when pressing the Record button to start/stop recording
  • The VCVA feature works a lot more reliably.

You can download the latest update to your Dictation App directly from the relevant App store on your mobile phone/device.

7th December 2014
Olympus Software & Firmware Updates Autumn 2014

Its been a busy season for Olympus with the introduction of the latest ODMS software Version 6.3.1 as well as the release of new firmware updates for both the Olympus DS-3500 and DS-7000 Devices.

These Olympus dictation devices achieve the highest Nuance Dragon score and together with Olympus Dictation Management Software (ODMS) V6.3.1, seamlessly integrate with Dragon Naturally Speaking making document creation easier and faster than ever.

The latest version of the Olympus ODMS Software offers some of the following additional features...

Additional Dragon Commands are supported

ODMS R6.3.1 now supports more DNS commands which can easily be configured via the device settings.

Easy access to third party programs

During real-time speech recognition, you can easily access MicrosoftWord, Excel, and Outlook from within the redesigned VR Editor window in ODMS.

Auto fill-in function for fields on voice recognition template

Support predefined fields for templates when doing Real-time Voice Recognition, Background Voice Recognition, and corrections on Text Correction Window.

Improved Templates Selection

Now the user has the ability to change template selection regardless of Author/Work-type ID after the VR editor window is opened.

Firmware Updates

Olympus have also introduced some firmware updates for both the Olympus DS-3500 & DS-7000 Digital Voice Recorders.

Firmware Update Version 1.23 addresses just one particular feature, a solution to a security issue found within a number of professional environments.

With the release of ODMS 6.3.1, Olympus made it possible for IT administrators to control the “write” and “modify” functionality on these two devices. They call it “Data Loss Prevention.”

If your office has ODMS 6.3.1 installed in Workgroup Mode, the System Configuration Program (SCP) or the Device Configuration Program (DCP) will allow you to put the recorders in a read-only state. Please note that this ability only applies when the device is connected to the computer.

This means that dictations can no longer be deleted from the recorder via the ODMS Software
, their metadata can’t be changed, and new data can’t be added.

The function that automatically deletes files after download will not work either, if data loss prevention is enabled.

Firmware V1.23 enables the DS-3500 and the DS-7000 to support this configuration.

You can download the V1.23 Firmware Update for the Olympus DS-7000 Here...
We recommend that you consult one of our dictation specialists before carrying out this firmware update as it may not be necessary and also may cause conflicting issues with your current dictation workflow.

5th November 2014

Philips Certified Master Digital Centre 2014

Speak-IT Solutions are excited to announce that we are now a Philips Certified Master Digital Centre.

With this certification we are able to offer the best advice for any individual requirements as well as provide assistance with installation and configuration of any Philips Professional Dictation systems.

We are also able to offer the most competitive prices online whilst maintaining a high standard of support and service, often not found with online purchases.

View our full range of Philips Professional Dictation & Transcription Solutions.

You may also be interesting in purchasing from the Philips DPM8000 Range.

To help you decide which model in the range you require, why not take a look at our philips DPM Buyers Guide.

16th September 2014

Downloading Software has never been easier!

With our Instant Download Facility getting hold of your software for immediate use has never been easier!

Chose from a wide range of Transcription & Dictation Software, then simply purchase and download for immediate use. Not only does this save on time but also on postage costs!

The moment you make your purchase you will be sent a link to download the software alongside the relevant licence code to activate the software you have purchased.

Product Manuals in PDF format are also available for Instant Download. Download the Product Manual and then either view or print the desired article from your PC, saving on paper and postage costs!

19th August 2014
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 is here and it's faster than ever!

Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) have announced the release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 – the fastest and most accurate speech recognition software available for the PC. Dragon transforms the PC experience by turning your voice into text and actionable commands much faster than most people can type. By making navigation and text-entry tasks dramatically faster and easier, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 allows you to reach your full potential by helping you get more done on your computer.

Dragon 13 offers support for many microphone options, including, for the first time, microphones built-in to many of the latest laptops, offering greater freedom and flexibility – no headset required. Dragon 13 automatically detects which microphones are available to use, so you simply select your preference and start talking.

Dragon 13 now also supports voice commands and Full Text Control (using your voice to perform direct dictation, text selection or correction and cursor movement within text) in popular web applications such as Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. For example, simply tell your computer to “Open Internet Explorer,” and from there, use your voice to navigate to Facebook, scroll through your news feed and select photos and links. Or, use your voice to open Gmail, address and compose a message, insert a personal signature and send your note – no typing or clicking required.

Dragon 13 also features a contemporary, intuitive interface and helpful tutorials that make using Dragon easier than ever before. In just four simple steps, you can set up your Dragon profile to get started and experience the speed and accuracy of Dragon 13 right away. Boost your productivity even further by exploring advanced features with the easy-to-use Learning Center, which displays relevant help at your fingertips.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 offers increased accuracy, improved design and flexibility, and a robust web experience – and that adds up to a more intuitive and productive experience for customers,” said Peter Mahoney, Nuance’s chief marketing officer and general manager for Dragon. “Dragon continues to serve as a complete voice solution for the PC, capable of impressive performance across programs, browsers and applications. Both new and longtime users of Dragon will find their interactions with the PC completely transformed, as they use their voice to get more things done in a faster and more natural way.”

1st August 2014

Olympus DS-7000 Digital Voice Recorder & Olympus Dictation App: A Profitable Pair...

“Why do I need the Olympus Dictation Smartphone App if I already have the DS-7000?”

A great complementary tool to the DS-7000 and DS-3500, the Olympus Dictation Smartphone App enables users to work remotely when their primary device is out of reach without interrupting processes and workflow.

Available for download from the Apple® Store or Google Play®, the app is the perfect accessory for on-the-road dictation and allows subscription users to record, edit and send files from their iPhone® or Android™ smartphones.

For an annual licensing fee, users are able to transmit their files in either DSS or encrypted DSS Pro file format to the Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) transcription module, allowing for increased business efficiency and uninterrupted workflow without worrying about compromising security.

Features of the Olympus Dictation smartphone app include:

  • Easy, intuitive interface
  • Full integration with Olympus Dictation Management System software, providing seamless workflow possibilities
  • Ability to send files individually or in batches via email or the Olympus Dictation Delivery Service (ODDS)
  • Ability to encrypt files for uncompromised security
  • The Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA) option, which eliminates “dead air” during dictation
  • Compatibility with Toshiba® FlashAir, which enables users to transfer files wirelessly from their phone

Because smartphones have a limited battery life and memory restrictions, users should rely on their primary devices – the DS-7000 and DS-3500 – for long depositions or lengthy notes.

If, however, a user’s smartphone battery runs out while they are dictating, rest assured that the file is not lost and is secure within the Olympus Dictation App.

2nd June 2014

Olympus Release Latest Update to their Dictation app iPhone V1.1.1 & Android V1.0.3

Olympus has released the latest update to their Dictation Smartphone App.

The new version supports the Toshiba FlashAir Card class 10.

  • iPhone - Version 1.1.1

  • Android - Version 1.0.3

To download the updates visit the Apple Store for iPhone or Google Play Store for Android.

2nd June 2014

Philips SpeechExec for Mac Update 1.1

Philips have released an update to the SpeechExec for Mac Software. Here are some of the features the update contains:

  • This latest version, SpeechExec for Mac 1.1 (Build 06), supports OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and 10.9 (Mavericks)—though not earlier Mac OS releases. No word yet on OS X 10.10.
  • It includes a feature you probably weren’t expecting: you can use your SpeechExec license for either the Windows or Mac platform. Philips generously allows you to decide upon installation. (This feature is a carryover from v1.0.)
  • Philips added two new usability features: drag-and-drop and search. This inches the v1.1 update closer to a true Apple experience.
  • With a step towards audio flexibility, v1.1 includes support for the ADPCM format, a mainstay of the Philips Mobile Recorder app.
  • You now have more options when deciding how to download your dictations. You can import the whole shebang, only completed dictations (indicated with the EOL key), or dictations by keyword. And you can finally set your Philips device to delete everything once downloaded.
To download the SpeechExec for Mac Update, Please See Here.

21st May 2014

Nuance Release Dragon Dictate for Mac V4

This month Nuance, best known for their Speech Recognition Software, have released the latest version of the
Dragon software for Mac.

Dragon Dictate for Mac Version 4 brings better accuracy with improved speech recognition technology and reduced latency due to better memory management capabilities. Along with dictation speeds that are up to three times faster than typing , the software also provides full text control in Gmail, Apple Pages 4.3, and other software.

Dragon Dictate 3 added a transcription feature that lets you record yourself on a Dictaphone and use the app to turn your voice into words. Dragon Dictate 4 goes one step further, allowing this feature
to transcribe any single speaker, after a brief training process.

Transcribe text from pre-recordings in many different formats, such
as MP3, MP4, M4A and WAV. This feature is ideal for use with the latest Olympus Dictation App for iPhone.

If you already use Dragon Dictate, you’ll find that the improved accuracy of the new version makes it worth upgrading.

If you’ve never tried speech recognition software, Dragon Dictate 4 is good enough to convince you that you, too, can create documents without typing.

Browse our Speech Recognition section of the website for more information about the latest Dragon Software for Mac & also find information for Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the Speech Recognition Software for PC.

20th May 2014

Martin Robeson Planning Practice Operate
Overseas With FlashAir Card
& DS-7000

"Our business had a bespoke requirement...

The ability to dictate correspondence and reports whilst operating away from an office overseas (Russia) and send these to our London-based support staff for transcription, and then back again for review and proofing.

The staff at Speak IT recommended the DS-7000 with an Air Card in order to transfer dictation files to an iPad or iPhone via the FlashAir Card, and then email these files to our office.

The system works very well, with files transferred quickly between devices and attached to outgoing emails. Although the Air Card initially fought with the iPhones wireless internet connection, the staff at Speak IT (Dictaphones) soon ironed this out with a quick change of settings.

We are still impressed that dictations can now be transferred to the office from anywhere in the world!

All you need are two small devices and a mobile signal. Brilliant."

Miles Young

Director, Martin Robeson Planning Practice

To find out more about the different file sharing options available for the DS-7000 simply view the latest range of
Olympus Premium kits

Alternatively you may wish to utilise the DS-7000 FlashAir Premium kit to achieve a similar workflow solution to the above.

17th April 2014

Our New Interactive iPhone Dictation Website

We invite our customers to view the New iPhone Dictation Website from Speak-IT Solutions in collaboration with Olympus Audio UK. On our new interactive website you will find lots of useful information about the Olympus iPhone Dictation App which allows users to send dictation with 256 bit Encryption whilst recording in DSS & DSS Pro.

Find information about how the New App can turn your iPhone into a fully operational professional dictation machine, as well as giving users the ability to dictate on the move and send dictations from anywhere in the world back to the office for transcription. Send dictations either via email, FTP or SFTP via the online Olympus Dictation Portal.

Here you can also see reviews given by just a few of our many customers now using the Olympus iPhone App within their own businesses. Learn about all the key features that come with the Olympus ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery Service) including the Olympus Dictation Portal where account holders can administrate the workflow of their iPhone licenses as well as choosing from 256bit Encryption and multiple work-types.

Visit the New Website here at

7th April 2014

We invite customers to join us on the Olympus Dictation Portal

For the first time we are now able to offer the ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery Service) Mobile Dictation App for both iPhone & Android.

This allows customers to send Professional Dictations recorded in DSS/DS2 back to the office for transcription.

Dictate on the move using your mobile phone and then simply send the dictation via the ODP (Olympus Dictation portal) with one simple click from your device.

Paired with the Olympus AS-7000 Transcriber, users can achieve a fully automated workflow system. The typist receives dictation and is notified when new work arrives without the need to access individual emails. Thus giving one easy to use single platform where dictations can be received via a number of workflow options.

Paired with the Olympus DS-7000 and FlashAir Card, dictation can be sent directly from the voice recorder to the transcription unit without the use of a computer. This allows for a completely Mobile Workflow between Author and Typist.

For further information about how to purchase and make use of the New Olympus Dictation App see here...

You can also download a free trial of the Olympus Dictation App for either iPhone or Android here...
(This free version does not allow for DSS/DS2 Recording and cannot be transcribed within the Olympus Software)

Fedruary 6th 2014
DSS Player For Mac Update V7.5.0

Previous versions of DSS Player for Mac can set only the location of the Download Tray, the location of each folder cannot be specified individually. With DSS Player for Mac v7.5.0, the location of each folder in the Download Tray can be set. In addition, folder aliases (custom folders) can be added to the Dictation Folder.

  • By using these functions, you can assign only a download folder (e.g. “Folder A”) to a shared folder on a network.
  • If the folder location is changed, the files stored before changing remain in the original location.
  • If you change the location of Download Tray, the locations of download folders (Folder A - G) will also be changed.
  • To add custom folders, use the [Add Alias] button, which can be found within the [Download Tray Folder] group.
  • DSS Player for Mac v7.5.0 drops support for Mac OS X 10.4.

To Download the latest update from Olympus see below...

DSS Player V7.5.0

January 31st 2014

The Simple But Smart VN Series From Olympus

The entry-level VN Series digital voice recorders make voice recording efficient, easy and user-friendly. In addition to a distinctly large LCD screen and sizeable speaker, the new Simple Mode keeps things clear by displaying only essential information and limiting menu options to frequently used functions.

Other features include the low-noise microphone optimised for dictation with less breath noise, a built-in stand for convenient desktop use to reduce surface noises, and Scene Select, which optimises recordings by selecting the correct setting.

Finally, noise reduction technologies, low power consumption and an extended battery life complete the package – making the VN Series an ideal choice for anything from business to everyday use.

January 21st 2014

The All New WS Series From Olympus

With a host of functions and the ability to deliver high quality recording, the WS series is a smart, efficient tool for business.
The low-noise directional stereo microphone creates a superb stereo quality which allows you to feel the full ambiance of the environment.

While the Voice Playback function allows you to skip the parts without voices and play back only the voice portions of your recording, the Transcription Mode allows for easy operation of the playback functionality.

The two improved features offer great usability to transcribe recorded files. It also features a built-in USB connector that is convenient to exchange recordings or presentation data just like using a USB-stick. With many more outstanding features and great portability, it’s a device you’ll never want to leave behind.

January 19th 2014

Philips Release New Firmware Update for its DPM8000, 8100 and 8500 Models.

The Firmware Update provides a number of enhancements which are as follows:

  • Increased Battery Life
  • Advanced Menu Scrolling
  • Hands Free Recording and Transcription with Auto Backspace
  • Visible Voice Activation

The Firmware Update alos includes Fixes and Improvements for the following:

  • Correceted File length information in DSS Header
  • In very Rare Cases Freezez after stanby: On/Off Switching was required
  • Last Used Work type was not default when using Mandatory Work type Input
  • Possibility to set the End of Letter flag with foot control connected to the Docking Station in Transcribe Mode
  • Acept single digit items as last items in the data list
  • Implemtent Beep in Hands-Free Mode when switching from REC to STOP
  • Do not ask for pin after USB Unplug
  • Job number was different from File Number
  • Automatic Firmware Update has been enabled

To Download the new Philips Firmware update click here.

December 12th 2013

Olympus Smartphone App receives Editors Choice in Business Info Magazine.

The new
Olympus ODDS Smartphone App appears in this months Business Info Magazine Issue 114 as the editors choice.

To see the Article online follow this link to the Business Info Magazine Issue 114.

December 5th 2013

Philips release SpeechExec Enterprise 4.5

The new version of SpeechExec Enterprise (version 4.5) has been released to further improve dictation workflow and customer experience.

During the last months Philips has released two new industry-leading dictation devices – the SpeechMike Premium and the Digital Pocket memo 8000 Series.

SpeechExec Enterprise 4.5 now natively supports both device groups along with the following additional enhancements:

The latest updates include:

  • Support of the new Philips Pocket Memo 8000 series and SpeechMike Premium
  • Improved startup speed
  • Faster DPM download as well as a new DPM wizard
  • Enhanced configuration of SpeechMike buttons for speech recognition
  • Windows 8 support
  • Windows Server 2012 support
  • New generation G12 Citrix and WTS extensions
  • New Remote device manager 3.2

Dragon for Mac Update 3.0

An update to Dragon Dictate 3.0 was released on October 30th, 2013. This update for Dragon Dictate will upgrade the version to 3.0.4.

To download this update, check for updates by going to the "Dictate" menu and choosing "Check for Updates".

To enable check for updates automatically, go to the "Dictate > Preferences > General (tab)", then place a check in the box next to "Check for updates".

The Dragon Dictate 3.0.4 update incorporates the following changes:

Resolves issues with Dragon Dictate running under OS X 10.9 Mavericks:

  • Awareness of the new "Enhanced Dictation" in Mavericks.
  • Allows Users to use either Dragon Dictate or the built-in "Enhanced Dictation" without conflicts for microphone control.

Resolves issues with Word 2011 running under OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

  • Full Text Control intermittently becomes non-functional.
  • Word document application windows are no longer recognized.
  • Resolves issues with Word 2011 documents that include a Table of Contents

Click here to download the latest Dragon Dictate for Mac Upgrade 3.04 Zip File

Wednesday 6 th November 2013

Olympus Release Firmware Update V12.0

for DS-7000 & DS-3500 with Flash Air Support.

Olympus this week released a new firmware update for their professional dictation voice recorders, DS-7000 and DS-3500.
This firmware release is a bit of a milestone in a couple of ways. The reason for the firmware release is to add support for the Toshiba FlashAir wireless LAN embedded SDHC memory cards. FlashAir cards are commonly bundled with Olympus cameras to allow wireless transfer of images to smart phones for editing and sharing. Adding FlashAir support in the Pro digital voice recorders makes them truly mobile devices when used with the new Olympus Dictation iPhone and Android app, more posts on this to come.

The other reason this is a standout Firmware Update is that this is the first update that can be applied to your Olympus DS-7000 or DS-3500 on a Mac (cheers of delight ring out from all the Mac users). No longer do we need to find an elderly relative with a Windows machine just to upgrade our dictaphones firmware (joking, Windows people, I use both !!).

Click here to download the Olympus DS-7000 v1.20 Firmware Update Zip File

The Olympus DS-7000 v1.20 firmware update zip file contains:

  • Win_DS7000_DSP_v120_Fw_Up.exe firmware update program for Windows
  • Mac_DS7000_DSP_v120_FwUp.dmg firmware update program for Mac

Click here to download the Olympus DS-3500 v1.20 Firmware Update Zip File

The Olympus DS-3500 v1.20 firmware update zip file contains:

  • Win_DS3500_DSP_v120_Fw_Up.exe firmware update program for Windows
  • Mac_DS3500_DSP_v120_FwUp.dmg firmware update program for Mac

The official release notes for firmware update v1.20 are as follows:

  1. Supports the Toshiba FlashAir card. The F3 button will become the WLAN button once a FlashAir card is inserted. The card will start sending WLAN signal when the F3 button is pressed and files become accessible from a PC or a smartphone.
  2. Fixes the bug that the recorder sometimes does not record even when the slide switch is positioned at REC if the slide switch was quickly slid between REC and REV many times.

Click here to download details on how to use the FlashAir SD card with your Olympus DS-7000/DS-3500 in a two page PDF instruction manual.

By Dave Holmes, Director at Dictate Australia Pty Ltd On

Speak-IT attend Olympus Product Launch

On Thursday 10th october Speak-IT attended the latest Product Launch from Olympus. With a number of mobile phone Apps appearing throughout the Dictation market, it was no surprise that olympus would be looking to introduce a Dictation App of their own. The official release of the ODDS Application for use with both Apple and Android boasts DSS Pro Recording and is the only Dictation App that offers full 256bit Encryption.

Alongside the new App, Olympus have introduced the FlashAir card which can be used in conjunction with the DS-7000 Voice recorder providing a wireless connection between Voice Recorder and Mobile Phone which in turn allows users to send dictation through to a server, network or via email without the use of a PC or Laptop. Its mobile dictation at its best and will be welcomed by those looking to add further options to an already existing Digital Dictation Solution.

As well as introducing the new Mobile Phone Dictation App, Olympus have also revealed a new range of stationary/fixed dictation with the new RecMic. Soon to replace the Directrec Microphones that are currently in place. The RecMic offers fully customisable user interface, outstanding ergonomics and first-class microphone performance.

The product launch was held at Williams F1 Team Conference Centre and consisted of a number of presentations and live demonstrations. Followed by a tour around the Williams F1 Museum and the opportunity to experience first hand the skills required to be an F1 Driver using the F1 Simulator. Heres our very own MD Mr Sean Quiney taking to the track for the first time.

Thursday 14th October 2013

New Olympus RecMic

Next generation of stationary dictation devices to take over from the Olympus Directrec.

Innovative features for stationary dictation devices plus powerful software solution.

Southend-on-Sea, 10 October 2013 – With the new RecMic SeriesOlympus introduces the next generation of stationary dictation devices. These new devices take Olympus´ already powerful stationary dictation device line-up to the next level with innovative new feature sand a powerful new software solution providing complete centralised management of the devices. The RecMic name replaces the existing DirectRec brand and will help making speech processing technology a global standard working practice.

Outstanding quality combined with even better usability

The RecMic series continues the well-known features from the DirectRec range, such as a fully customisable user interface, outstanding ergonomics and first-class microphone performance. The maximum 6-Dragon rating for speech recognition accuracy which was awarded to the DirectRec Series by Nuance, manufacturer of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, has been transferred to RecMic.

The ideal stationary dictation device for both: Users and IT

Alongside the outstanding usability offered by the RecMic devices, Olympus has also made the administration and configuration of the devices easier than ever before. For users who want to configure their own devices, the Device Configuration Manager now includes a powerful set-up wizard. This means users can be up and running with their device in a matter of minutes. For larger, centrally-managed IT environments, Olympus also now provides a powerful solution for the central administration and configuration of RecMic devices – the RecMic Administration Centre.

The RecMic Administration Centre enables IT Administrators to pre-defineand, if desired, lock the configuration of all RecMic devices in their organisation from a central administration tool. Making a change to the environment has therefore never been easier. If you need to change a configuration on the RecMic for all or certain users, all that is now required is to change the setting once in the administrator console and deploy the change to the desired users. Firmware updates can also be deployed centrally, ensuring all devices in your environment are always fully up to date.

RecMic – the perfect device for your speech processing requirements

The RecMic Series carries over all the advantages of the DirectRec range, such as unbeatable usability and speech recognition accuracy. This combined with the powerful RecMic Administration Centre forms the next generation of stationary dictation.

  • Click-Lock feature
  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Outstanding ergonomics
  • First class microphone performance
  • Maximum of 6-Dragons rating for speech recognition accuracy from Nuance
  • Central administration with the New RecMic Administration Centre.

For a demonstration, quote or product brochure, please contact: 0121 456 7800

Trang Nguyen

Olympus UK Audio

10th October 2013

Olympus Release iPhone Dictation App

Olympus Introduce their new Dictation for IPhone App which is now available from the App Store. Another great advantage to choosing an Olympus Digital Dictation solution...

Dictate, annotate and send. Olympus dictation for iPhone is a beautifully simple recording app for making dictations on the go.

  • Record, insert & overwrite dictations
  • Attach pictures to your recording
  • Priority Setting
  • Simple search function
  • Send dictations via email

For users with more professional requirements, the Olympus Dictation Delivery Service (ODDS) has everything you need. This is a cloud-based subscription package offering advanced workflow and routing functions for your dictations,

Try it free for 30 days!

ODDS Features

  • Support of audio formats DSS & DSS Pro (industry standard for professional speech processing)
  • Password protected dictations supported by DSS Pro (256 bit AES encryption)
  • Secure data transfer via HTTPS / FTPS / SFTP
  • Optional connection to a self-hosted ftp server
  • Auto-split of large files
  • Central administration via Olympus Dictation Portal (access via web browser)
  • Assigning dedicated worktype lists to users (groups)
  • Defining recipients for users
  • Defining transfer methods and recording formats
  • Setting security features
  • Using meta information like Author IDs for automatic processing

Simply Click on the Link below to Download this Free Dictation App...

Wednesday 2nd October 2013

Olympus DP-311, Editors Choice in Business Info Magazine.

The Olympus DP-311 appears in Business Info Magazine Issue 112 as the editors choice.

With a write up including the DP-311's simple to use features and external memory capabilities its a great success for this note taker offering a cheap alternative to simple analogue dictation with the addition of Calendar Search, Voice Memo & more...

To see the Article online follow this link to Business Info Magazine Issue No. 112

September 2013

Royal Shropshire Hospital NHS Tender

Speak-IT recently provided the procurement of 297 Digital Dictation units to the Royal Shropshire Hospital. The full Digital Dictation solution including both dictation and transcription units were supplied in July earlier this year.

After a successful installation the Royal Shropshire Hospital are now running a fully functional Digital Dictation System.

August 2013

ORdigiNAL Kempton Park Race Day

On Wednesday 26th June, Speak-IT attended the ORdigiNAL Conference & Release of SRaaS (Speech Recognition as a Service).

Held in the Desert Orchid Suite at Kempton Park racecourse, complete with a balcony overlooking the winning post. This was the ideal location for a conference set to spark enthusiasm and excitement amongst Digital Dictation Specialists such as ourselves.

The afternoon began with an introduction from Jordy Onrust (Managing Director of ORDigiNAL). Opening with the introduction of his colleague Darren Maundrell (Regional Sales Manager UK & Ireland) and his latest recruit, a pro-active member of the team Lisa Ganley, who was responsible for organizing this memorable event.

At this point, the focus moved to Darren Maundrell, who demonstrated the latest range of Grundig Digital Dictation systems including speech recognition integration, touching also on the latest addition of DSS Mover .

DSS Mover looks to be an innovative software add-on (or plug-in), which allows authors to send dictation quickly and easily, without the need to open the main application. This is a well designed application, offering an effective and simple solution to the transfer of dictation from author to typist.

The presentation revealed a number of benefits including the DSS Mover, which encouraged resellers to look further at the capabilities and advantages of using Grundig-based Digital Dictation Systems.

After a well-deserved break, we returned to hear words from Jonathan Whitmore (UK & Ireland Channel Manager) from Nuance. He spoke about some of the new features within the latest release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal. An interesting point he made was that many end users of Dragon Speech Recognition often jump to the conclusion that “Dragon does not do what they say” when in actual fact, in most cases it is “The user who does not say what they want Dragon to do”. This was an interesting comment that prompted dealers to question why it is that this is very often the case. In fact, the problem lies within the training and education of Dragon Speech Recognition Software to the end user. A lack of knowledge and understanding of Dragon can cause users to quickly become frustrated and often deem the software as difficult to use. However, this is not the case at all. It is important to remember, when investing in software such as speech recognition, that it takes time for the software profile to adjust to the user and it takes time to train a user to recognise software commands in order to utilise Dragon to its full potential. Therefore, this product requires not only financial investment but also an investment of time. Once this investment has been made, only then can you witness its true potential to boost productivity and expand revenue within a business.

And this is where SRaaS comes into play…

SRaaS or Speech Recognition as a Service gives customers the opportunity to experience speech recognition first hand. Taking away the initial cost of installation allows businesses to invest in the training and education of speech recognition, thus creating a successful investment for the future with obvious and valuable improvements to administration productivity.

SRaaS is an infrastructure offered to businesses that will allow for the purchase of speech recognition software on a monthly basis. Dependent on the amount of users, this can range from as little as £39.00 a month per user. This releases finances that can then be used to fund training, ensuring that the software is used to its full potential

With SRaaS, businesses are able to add a multitude of users at minimal cost, which over time will present a measurable indication of how the software could prove beneficial for their business. For more information on SRaaS and options that are available to you, call us on 0121 456 7800 or email

After the presentation for the release of SRaaS which was projected by Jordy Onrust, we retired for food and drinks kindly provided by ORDigiNAL. We were then guided to the Balcony, where outside the sun was shining and the racing was about to begin.

Courtesy of our host we were able to enjoy a bet on a horse of our choice within the first race, sponsored by ORdigiNAL of course ‘The ORdigiNAL Partner Pacesetter Apprentice Handicap’.

Unfortunately beginners luck did not prevail for some members of the team at Speak-IT, nor for many of the other dealers who were present.

All in all, it was a very interesting and insightful afternoon, followed by an enjoyable evening, hosted by a fast moving and thought provoking company. We look forward to the next event, and also hope that its not one which involves too much risk taking! As with speech recognition, we would rather a sound investment, which offers guaranteed returns, No Gamble!

June 2013

Olympus Receives 6 Dragon Stars

Entire range of Olympus professional dictation devices awarded 6 Dragons by Nuance
05/20/2013 • With a score of 6 Dragons from Nuance, producer of Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software, Olympus further strengthens its position as market leader for professional dictation solutions. It is the first time that an entire range of professional dictation devices – both mobile and stationary types –utilising the established industry standard format DSS Pro has received the maximum rating of 6 Dragons in recognition of impeccable speech recognition accuracy. The announcement underlines the focus Olympus places on remaining at the forefront of innovative, efficiency-boosting solutions for the professional dictation industry. The 6 Dragons rating, combined with seamless integration of the Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) workflow software with Dragon NaturallySpeaking from Nuance, confirms the superiority of the Olympus solutions, such as the mobile DS-7000 flagship model, to all professional users wishing to integrate the benefits of speech recognition into classic dictation workflows.


Award-winning cutting-edge technology and reliable performance The award of 6 Dragons from Nuance follows extensive tests by the software producer of the entire Olympus range. The high quality Olympus hardware matched with the power of ODMS, both of which are optimised for speech, ensures unparalleled speech recognition results with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Professional users therefore enjoy unrivalled, time saving transcription accuracy that assists in boosting overall workflow efficiency.

Speech recognition optimisation is just one area in which Olympus boasts leadership in the professional dictation market. Olympus professional dictation devices and the ODMS software also provide compatibility with a full range of contemporary IT environments. All current devices and software are Citrix Ready for both XenApp and XenDekstop, support VMWare View and are Windows 8 compatible. The ODMS software offers fully automated dictation workflow solution to ensure customers can enjoy the full efficiency and cost savings offered by digital dictation.

Miss Trang Nguyen May 2013

The Commissioning Live Exhibition 2013

Saturday 11th May 2013 saw over 450 GPs, practice managers and commissioning support personnel network, learn, and share best practice at Commissioning LIVE, held at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole.

The team here at Speak-IT were also present and keen to share their knowledge in Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition. From the Olympus Directrec fixed microphones, to the latest in Mobile Dictation Technology, we were there to give sound advice on how to reduce cost and boost efficiency within administration.

On hand, was our very own Dragon Specialist, Mr Sean Quiney (MD), who gave live demonstrations throughout the day.
Demonstrating how the new Olympus ODMS Software and Dragon Certified Dictation Devices such as the DS-7000 work in collaboration with the latest Speech Recognition Software from Nuance.

Due to our eye catching display and visual demonstrations, we were soon sparking interest amongst passers by with the prospect of a user friendly Digital Dictation Management System featruring integrated Speech Recognition.

Sean then went on to demonstrate how the new Olympus DS-7000 & DS-3500, having achieved the highest rating for accuracy given by Dragon, can be used to record dictation on the move. And then, with less than two clicks of a mouse, can be converted to text, directly from the Olympus Software.

One simple, user friendly platform for both Dictation and Transcription with a multiple of automated functions and the option to share dictation through a network or via email, now with Additional Speech Recognition Integration.

For further information on how you could boost productivity within your business or Establishment, through the use of Digital Dictation and Speech Recogniton. Or, If you wish to see the current technology in action. Please dont hesitate to book an apointment with one of our Dictation Specialists on 0121 4567800 or visit us at

May 2013

The All New Olympus DP-311

The new Note Corder DP-311

The DP-311 recorder makes it very simple for absolutely anyone to get to grips with high-quality recordings:thanks to large, easy-to-follow buttons and a choice of three recording modes for different recording situations that can be selected simply by rotating the mode dial.

All recordings, organized by date, can be checked through the calendar search function which makes it quicker than ever to locate the files you saved. In addition to the 2GB built-in memory, the SD cards can also be used just like cassette tapes. Enjoy all the benefits of digital recording with all the simplicity of an analogue recorder with the DP-311.

Easy operation with the MODE dial

The DP-311 lets everyone make high-quality recordings with ease – simply by turning the mode dial for different situations.

Use SD card like cassette tapes

Benefit from the DP-311’s 2GB of built-in memory and SD card slot for reliable, high-capacity data storage and transfer.

April 2013

Lovewell Blake

Accountancy firm Lovewell Blake LLP started looking at Digital Dictation after merging with another practice, they needed to replace their analogue and digital based system which they felt was not flexible enough to cope with a large multi-site accountancy firm. After a short trial and consideration of the systems available Speak-IT Solutions and Olympus were chosen as their preferred suppliers.

With 6 offices based in the east of England and over 250 users the new Olympus Digital Management Software has been the ideal solution, allowing central administration of user profiles and configuration. One of the main benefits of the workgroup installation has been the ease of which the administrators can monitor typists workloads in different departments (and also different sites), and being able to reassign outstanding dictation files to another department.

Lovewell Blake LLP implemented the Olympus pro range of hardware and software including the new DS-7000 and DR-2100 DirectRec USB microphones and over the past 12 months they have been very impressed with the ease of installation and quality of both the software and hardware.

Robin Wright, Lovewell Blake LLP’s IT Network Manager, has said he would have no hesitation in recommending the Olympus ODMS system to any business users or professionals alike...

12th February 2013

Best-in-class recording

Speech Processing Solutions announces release of new Philips SpeechMike Premium dictation microphone

The new Philips SpeechMike Premium is optimized for speech recognition and features cutting-edge technology for users in the health sector. Thanks to numerous innovative features, the desktop dictation device delivers outstanding recording performance.

Free-floating, decoupled microphone

A free-floating microphone eliminates touch and click noises as well as background noises. Using a technique derived from studio equipment, the microphone is completely decoupled from its housing. “This free-floating design ensures crystal-clear recordings and guarantees the extraordinary speech recognition results of the new SpeechMike Premium even in noisy environments,” states Thomas Brauner, CEO Speech Processing Solutions.

Noise filter and optimized grille

Outstanding recording quality is also achieved by an integrated filter, ensuring perfect results even while dictating close to the microphone. The microphone is surrounded by a hexagonal grille specially engineered to provide the clearest possible recordings.

Integrated motion sensor and barcode scanner

The Philips SpeechMike Premium is the first dictation device which can be controlled by the movement of the hand. When placed on a table, the device mutes the microphone, unmuting it when it is picked up. This feature can be beneficial, for instance in the event of incoming phone calls.

An integrated barcode scanner can link client or patient data to a recorded file. The scanned information is automatically attached to the dictation file, streamlining the documentation process.


The housing and buttons of the new Philips SpeechMike Premium are made of antimicrobial synthetics, guarding it against all kinds of germs.

Easy plug & play integration with existing systems

Philips SpeechMike Premium is fully backwards compatible with earlier generations of the SpeechMike. “Integrators do not need to implement changes and may use the existing software development kit. The SpeechMike Premium is compatible with both Windows and Mac as well as with virtual environments such as Citrix and Windows Terminal Server,” explains Thomas Brauner.

The Philips SpeechMike Premium sets the new standard and takes desktop dictation to a new level.

20th September 2012

All New Olympus DS Range

Professional dictation has never been so powerful – or simple. Olympus introduces the DS-7000 and DS-3500 to satisfy highest demands for business dictation requirements. The durable, metal-bodied units with their large colour LCD screen combine best usability with maximum recording quality. Thanks to PIN protection and 256-bit DSS Pro real time data encryption, even the most sensitive files remain secure at all times. Also new to the line-up is the AS-7000 Transcription Kit comprising a four button footswitch and a lightweight under-chin headset. The kit places a focus on ergonomic handling and lets the full potential of the DS-7000 and DS-3500 be harnessed to optimise workflow in conjunction with speech recognition software. The DS-7000 and DS-3500 will go on sale from very soon.

Access the power
With their clear and simple operation concept, the DS-7000 and DS-3500 make it easy to be seamlessly integrated into the company’s digital workflow to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. Both models share a 2” colour TFT LCD with 65,000 colours and white LED backlight. Access to all main commands is cleverly positioned on the unit side to allow intuitive operation with just the thumb: either via a precise slider switch with the DS-7000 or responsive buttons on the DS-3500. For ultimate convenience, the DS-7000 comes with a docking station as standard (optionally available for the DS-3500).

Optimise your workflow
When it comes to enhancing workflow, the DS-7000 and DS-3500 really come into their own. Each model can work with different author IDs and dictations can be transferred manually via an SD card or automatically via LAN/WAN. The real productivity gains come, however, when they are integrated in your digital workflow. The included ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System) R6 Dictation Module comprises the powerful, user-friendly virtual control panel for dictation management. Various types of installations across different platforms, including support for Citrix/WTS and Thin Clients, can be implemented with minimal effort. Files can be automatically downloaded according to preset rules and dispatched via email, LAN, ftp and more. Geared for Dragon Naturally Speaking, the module also provides access to the immense timesaving potential of speech recognition – in both real-time and background modes, the latter enabling the linkage of an author ID from the device to the personal user profile.

Protect what’s confidential
No matter if legal, medical or corporate, data security and privacy is a big issue in whatever business sector you are involved. The Olympus DS-7000 and DS-3500 provide manifold protection for your sensitive files. Besides their PIN-based device lock function, each model features 256-bit AES data encryption (only with DSS Pro). This means files can be automatically encrypted in real time during the recording process to warrant maximum security from the get go. Up to 20 pre-definable worktypes with 10 items each allow precise dictation tagging to guarantee both a high level of data security and quick search and find.

Created for quality and versatility
Specifically created for recording human voice, the DSS Pro audio codec, as implemented on the DS-7000 and DS-3500, ensures highest quality capture of speech while offering all necessary editing features. For conferences and interviews the DS-3500 additionally boasts PCM/WAV and MP3 support in stereo when using an external stereo microphone.
Numerous features including VCVA recording and adjustable microphone sensitivity ensure the recording versatility you need. Files can be assigned across seven folders and saved on either the 2GB internal microSD Card or on external SD card. And with up to 21 hours of battery life on a single charge, you’re always primed and ready to record.

AS-7000 Transcription Kit: a wonder for your workflow
The new AS-7000 is the perfect accompaniment for companies with high-volume dictations as it provides transcriptionists with a convenient and ergonomic aid that facilitates enhanced working conditions while simultaneously boosting productivity. Transcriptionists gain the tools they need to get on with the job of converting speech files into text for subsequent processing. The footswitch features four buttons that can be fully customised in their function to suit the specific user needs. In addition, the top and centre paddles are lockable. When the AS-7000 is used in conjunction with the included Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) Transcription Module, full hands-free operation for playback is possible – including stop/start, cue, rewind and variable speeds.

Olympus means business with the DS-7000 and DS-3500 recorders and the AS-7000 Transcription Kit. They represent a real leap forward for dictation ease and power, and will become available from April 2012.

Olympus DS-7000 / DS-3500– Main Features:

  • Big 2” TFT display with 65,000 colours (LED backlight)
  • Tough metal body
  • Precise slide switch (DS-7000) / push button operation (DS-3500)
  • 256 Bit real time encryption and device lock (4 digit PIN)
  • Li-Ion battery (up to 21h recording time with one battery charge)
  • 200 dictation tags definable (20 worktypes x 10 items = 200)
  • Internal microSD Card slot and external SD Card slot
  • Capsuled 10mm Ø microphone for best results with speech recognition

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