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What is File and Edit?

Machines with File and Edit capabilities, known as Professional Voice Recorders, will allow you to record a file and then rewind back to a particular point in the recording to either:

INSERT - Add audio at a particular point without deleting any previous audio that has been recorded.

(e.g adding the date to the beginning of a report without effecting any previous recording).


Add audio at a particular point thus deleting any audio that was recorded previously.

(e.g deleting a particular word or phrase by recording a new one, for use with making corrections.)

File and Edit capabilities are a must have for any professional when recording letters, reports or taking notes in a professional environment.

Recorders without File and Edit

A machine without File & Edit capabilities is known as a Note Taker.

These machines are ideal for recording blocks of audio such as meetings and interviews and even lectures.

However, be careful as once you record a file you cannot re-enter and edit any of the audio.

You can only pause a recording but every time you stop recording you will begin a new file. This means that you cannot rewind and overwite an error.

You will find our full range of machines that include file and edit capabilities in our Professional Dictation Category.

Recorders with File and Edit

Machines with full file and edit capabilities are know as Professional Voice Recorders.

To view the full range of Professional Voice Recorders, please click here...

Mobile Phone Apps

The New iPhone & Android Mobile Dictation App from Olympus also includes full File & Edit capabilities and allows you to choose between insert and overwrite with a touch of the screen!

You may wish to take a Free trial of the olympus Dictation App. You can do so by either filling out the Online Request Form
or by contacting one of the team here on 0121 456 7800.